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[INTERVIEW] Cha Woo Min opens up about portraying Kyung Jun in 'Night Has Come' and the lessons he's learned along the way

[INTERVIEW] Cha Woo Min opens up about portraying Kyung Jun in 'Night Has Come' and the lessons he's learned along the way

Landing a lead role in the television BL (Boys' Love) drama 'The Tasty Florida' in 2021, JUST Entertainment's rising actor Cha Woo Min ventured into a new genre with his recent appearance in 'Night Has Come,' and he's excited to explore more that he hasn't yet tried out. "I have a strong desire to challenge various genres," said the actor during his exclusive interview

The 12-episode mystery teen drama series 'Night Has Come' follows a group of high school students who go on a retreat where things start to go strange. They are forced to play a real-life mafia game, but there's a twist: each round of elimination means a student's death, so they have to play cleverly to survive. One of the bullies in their class, Go Kyung Jun, is portrayed by Cha Woo Min and causes fear in a few of his peers. The cast includes Kim Woo Seok (who plays Jun Hee), Lee Jae In (Yoon Seo), Choi Ye Bin (Jung Won), Ahn Ji Ho (Da Beom), and Jung So Ri (So Mi), among others. 

Following the success 'Night Has Come' has received, allkpop sat down with one of the cast, Cha Woo Min, to talk about the series, his character, the actor he looks up to, and more. Continue reading to learn more about the rising star!

Hi, Cha Woo Min! First of all, since 2023 has ended, I was wondering what you are looking forward to the most in 2024? Are there any activities you would like to do or goals that you would like to achieve for next year?


Cha Woo Min: Hello, nice to meet you! First of all, I'd like to wish you a very happy new year in 2024! The past 23 years have been a time filled with diverse and new content for me. I hope this year, too. I will strive to have a more enjoyable and fun time and be able to share it with many people.


You have upcoming dramas set to be released this year. What kind of preparations do you usually make for your upcoming projects, perhaps ahead of shooting scenes? How do you analyze the script and your lines, and what's your approach to building that character that was given to you?

Cha Woo Min: I collect references that intuitively come to mind when I look at a person. Sometimes it's a character, sometimes it's a picture, music, a color, a smell, even a word, whatever I can think of to help me build it.


 Let's talk about 'Night Has Come.' I've watched the drama, and I think some people would hate the character Kyung Jun but some would also understand him given the situation. What was your reaction like when you knew that you would be playing his character? What do you believe was the challenge of taking this role?


Cha Woo Min: First of all, I was wary of rationalizing this character's actions just because he had a narrative. People around me knew that I had a hard time playing a villainous character like this, and I was worried about that because even if other people don't understand the behavior, the person playing the role has to understand it in order to play it. That part was difficult. I've learned that as an actor, you have to take into account a lot of responsibilities.

 Did you see any of yourself in the character Kyung Jun? Let's say this kind of mafia game happens in real life, which character, among all the students, do you think you will act similar to?

Cha Woo Min: In the ending scene of episode 4, the student who wanted to escape from the place and see his mother resembled me. I hope this doesn't happen in real life. Nevertheless, if you had to choose one person, I think it would be Na Hee? Even when I play real mafia games, I keep quiet like that.


Could you please share any fun or memorable behind-the-scenes when you were filming 'Night Has Come'? How was your on-set interaction with the other actors?


Cha Woo Min: There was a scene in the auditorium where I was waiting for the time to gather my cell phone, and I was sitting alone on the bench. After seeing that, everyone made fun of Kyung Jun, saying he was good at holding positions. Since all the actors on set were of similar age, we were always in a playful and happy atmosphere.


You made your acting debut in 2021. With 'Night Has Come,' you were able to try another genre. What was it like taking part in a thriller, mystery teen drama?


Cha Woo Min: First of all, the fact that it was based on a mafia game was very refreshing, so just participating in a work like this stimulated my imagination and was an enjoyable experience.

 Speaking of genres, do you have any genres in mind that you would like to try in the future?


Cha Woo Min: Many actors may feel the same way, but I have a strong desire to challenge various genres. Among them, if there is something I want to try the most right now, I definitely want to try a family drama with a romantic or human touch that is different from what I have shown so far.


What are your biggest takeaways from all your acting projects so far, and how do you plan to apply it to your future roles?


Cha Woo Min: I've come to realize that if an actor is having fun while performing or acting, the viewer will feel that they are having fun as well. This requires a variety of conditions, but I think that the ability to have peace of mind is the most important point, so I will continue to pay attention to this mindset in the future.


 How about specific pieces of advice you heard or got from your co-actors and directors?

Cha Woo Min: There's something that our director, Lim Dae Woong, always said, and he emphasized this idea that we're clowns, so we can be anything, and we should always have fun on stage. 

And since you've been in the film industry for around 2 or 3 years, I was wondering what was it that got you into acting? Is this the career you wanted to pursue since you were young?


Cha Woo Min: Ever since I was a kid, I loved watching movies, I would watch 5-6 movies a day, so naturally, in my mind, I would think, what if that actor was me, and that was the first step when I chose to go to college. I always wanted to be a writer because I love traveling and I love books.


 Which actors are your favorite or those who you look up to the most?


Cha Woo Min: I admire Heath Ledger the most, I love his eyes because when you're watching him act, you get the feeling that he's really enjoying himself beyond the screen, and they're so clear and narrative.


 If you could live in any drama or movie setting, which one would you choose and why?


Cha Woo Min: I would say either ‘Before Sunrise’ or ‘Nothing Hill,’ because I love the actors in those movies, but I want to feel a more emotional love because it can't happen in real life.