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Embroidery Jazz Dance Ensemble
Embroidery Jazz Dance Ensemble
Embroidery Jazz Dance Ensemble
Embroidery Jazz Dance Ensemble

Embroidery Jazz Dance Ensemble

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1 Set
Jacket Size:
S Shoulder 39CM   Bust 88CM   Sleeve 59CM   Length 76CM   waistline 88CM
M Shoulder 40CM   Bust 92CM   Sleeve 60CM   Length 77.5CM   waistline 92CM
L Shoulder 41CM   Bust 96CM   Sleeve 61CM   Length 79CM   waistline 96CM
XL Shoulder 42CM   Bust 100CM   Sleeve 62CM  Length 80.5CM   waistline 100CM
Sling Vest Size:
S   Bust 72CM   Hem 66CM   Length 32CM   
M   Bust 76CM   Hem 70CM   Length 33CM  
L   Bust 80CM   Hem 74CM   Length 34CM  
XL   Bust 84CM   Hem 75CM  Length 35CM   
Skirt Size:
S Hem 187CM   Length 35CM   waistline 64CM
M Hem 191CM   Length 36CM   waistline 68CM
L Hem 195CM   Length 37CM   waistline 72CM
XL Hem 199CM  Length 38CM   waistline 76CM

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